Civic Engagement Committee

More and more, city officials and business leaders are looking for young professionals to weigh in on important topics that affect our region. The Civic Engagement Committee is tasked with finding a way for HYPE membership to learn about these topics and engage local leaders with their opinions.

The Civic Engagement Committee creates and organizes opportunities for members to engage in civics related programming, with a focus on increasing knowledge around important issues, both locally and nationally. The Civic Engagement Committee also writes a monthly Public Policy Blog series, where a young person in local government is interviewed about their experiences running for office, and offers to be a point of contact for anyone interested in seeking a similar position.

In 2018, the Civic Engagement Committee would like to continue to find opportunities to engage the HYPE membership in civic matters, both regionally and nationally. We’re looking for people who are actively engaged in the community, or who would like to be, and who are interested in meeting other HYPEsters who are active in the Hartford Region.

We meet once a month throughout the year, either in person and through conference call, and also by email and our project management app, Basecamp.

To join the Civic Engagement Committee, contact Executive Director Kim Bishop.

Greg Calnen Headshot Website
Greg Calnen
Vice Chair of Civic Engagement